For whom is SCRIPT?

The SCRIPT method is open to institutions in Germany and abroad, performing common international youth exchange-projects and is addressed to young people who participate in these youth exchange projects.

SCRIPT aims to assist project promoters agreeing on educational objectives of their common actions and to document learning outcomes, acquired or demonstrated by participating young people during these activities.

Young people

The process is designed in a way, allowing young people actively to participate in the establishment of learning objectives for an up-coming youth exchange. They are also encouraged to describe individually their expectations and the envisaged learning-outcomes which they would like to get documented in particular.

Tools and process-steps are designed to allow also a group-oriented, common selection of learning objectives. This should make it easier, to encourage also less motivated young people to become involved in the process, for which the formulation of personal learning goals seems to be more difficult.

Project-coordinating organizations

SCRIPT aims at an easier competence related description of learning services that were provided in the course of international youth-meetings or work camps, so that learning-outcomes can be transferred more easily to different evidence-forms and certificates, such as the "Kompetenznachweis International", the "Youth pass" or the "Europass-mobility".

The SCRIPT-procedure is set in a way, allowing to map different educational objectives, methods and action-formats of international youth-exchange projects.

The SCRIPT-database is created in different language-versions, French and Polish in German, English, Spanish, and is - after a first-time registration - open for youth-exchange projects of project-coordinating organizations in Germany and abroad.